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Adam Charles Kokesh (1 February 1982)[1] is an Antistatist[2] and Libertarian[3] who has advocated for an "orderly Dissolution of the federal Government [of the United States]"[4] and who says his only Leader is "Truth, Love and Joy".[5] Adam stated on 1 January 2017 that he plans to run for "Not-President" in 2020.[6]


Adam majored in "Psychology" and Government at Claremont McKenna College.[7][8]

Time in the Military

Adam recounts his Time in the US Marine Corps thusly: "[I] did six and a half Years as a Reservist, about three Years of Active Duty Time within that, including a Tour in Fallujah in 2004. And I went to Iraq to help People. I was against the Invasion, was ... pro Occupation, because I thought that what we were doing was cleaning up our Mess. And I genuinely went there and volunteered to go in Civil Affairs, because I wanted to help People. And I ended up doing some truly horrific Things while I was in Iraq, including torturing People. And in a Way, I consider my Activism a Penance for unforgivable Sins."[9]

Adam attained the Rank of Corporal. He was deployed to Fallujah from February to September of 2004, during which Time he was with the 3rd Civil Affairs Group.[10] Because of his military Service, he is 70 Percent disabled.[11]

Cancelled armed March on Washington DC

Adam had planned an armed, peaceful March on Washington DC on 4 June 2013, but he decided against it and instead asked People to march on their respective State Capitols, with the Purpose of demanding that each State secede from the Union. More than 5,000 People had planned to attend the cancelled March in DC. They had initially planned to peacefully march from Virginia to Washington DC via the Arlington Memorial Bridge with Firearms on their Persons and in full View, an Act that would be illegal under DC Law. Adam issued a Statement that if the federal Government did not dissolve itself by 4 July 2014, it might have a Revolution on its Hands: "Should one whole year from this July 4th pass while the crimes of this government are allowed to continue, we may have passed the point at which non-violent revolution becomes impossible."[4][10][12]


Adam has described himself as a "Jew against the Anti-Defamation League". He has said: "I've just sort of had this nagging Suspicion in the Back of my Mind that the Anti-Defamation League has never really been about looking out for the Jewish People." He feels the ADL is too quick to cry Foul and accuse People of being antisemitic. Adam has considered converting to Islam "again".[13]


These are some of the Things Adam has said about Statism:

  • "Statism is the ideology of turning to organized force to solve problems better solved through peaceful persuasion."[i]:III. STATISM
  • "Statism is the dominant paradigm today because most of us are in denial or ignorant of its true nature."[i]:III. STATISM
  • "[R]ight now we are on the Verge, on the Cusp of a major Shift for Humanity, that we are about to go through this Transition of abolishing the State."[2]

View of Donald Trump

Prior the 2016 US presidential Election, Adam said he thought Donald Trump is "fun to watch, 'cause he's stirrin' Things up", but does not "have any Faith in his Integrity" because of what he perceives as evolving Views. He likes the Fact that Donald is against the Establishment, less Interventionist and "has talked about Iraq and 9/11 a little more in Line with what we [Adam and others] would like to see". Notwithstanding this, he had no Plans to vote for him.[14]

Protest against John McCain

Adam was "escorted from the 2008 Republican National Convention for unfurling an anti-war banner during Sen. John McCain's acceptance speech."[10]


Anarchapulco 2016

In February of 2016, Adam attended Anarchapulco, an annual Conference whose Tagline that Year was: "The World's first and largest anarcho-capitalist Conference".[15] At some Point during the Conference, Adam asked Milo Yiannopoulos: "If you have realised these fundamental Truths about the State, what legitimate Functions do you see still that could possibly justify the coercive Monopoly that has come to be known as Government?" Milo replied that one of the Things he didn't like was the Way he felt the anarchist World "talks about the Military" and that he believed in the Enforcement of Borders, but that he didn't think the State should be involved in Education, Healthcare or "most of the Things they're in". "I do see a reasonable Case for, um, some national Infrastructure and for Defence", Milo added.[16]


Anarchapulco 2017

In February 2017, Adam attended Anarchapulco again, where he was scheduled to speak. One of the other Speakers was Lauren Southern.[17]

Protest against Donald Trump's 59-Missile Strike in Syria and subsequent Interview

On 10 April 2017, Adam protested Donald Trump's 59-Missile Strike in Syria on 6 April 2017, which killed 9 Civilians, including 4 Children.[18][19] He was released from DC Central Detention Facility on 15 April.[20] During an Interview that Day, he said that he was in Fallujah in 2004 and that he tortured People, adding that he now has to live with this and that now People who participated in Donald Trump's Strike have to live with their Decision to obey his Orders.[21]

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