Chiropractic is a dangerous practice involving the manipulation of the spine and neck that can lead to death, blindness and paralysis of portions of the body.[1][2] Chiropractors would have us believe that what they do helps adjust the spine and promotes healing.[1] On 29 January 2016, 'Playboy' model Katie May died of a stroke after visiting a chiropractor. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, she died because of a 'neck manipulation by chiropractor'. Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told 'People' magazine 'that a chiropractor shifted May’s neck, tearing her left vertebral artery. The tear blocked blood flow to May’s brain and caused the stroke.'[3] According to 'The Wall Street Journal', in the year 2013, Medicare in the US 'spent roughly $359 million on unnecessary chiropractic care'.[4]


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