Family International


Rose McGowan was raised in the Children of God.[1]
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Family International or The Family is an organisation that has been described as a Christian sect. Founded by a self-styled prophet named David Berg in 1968[1], it formerly went by the name Children of God. David urged women to offer sex in order to increase membership in the organisation, whose ranks swelled to tens of thousands. He died in 1994 and was succeeded by Karen Zerby.[2]

Actress Rose McGowan (shown right), who was raised in Family International in Italy by her American parents, escaped from them at age 9 with her father. She recounts having all her money that she earned playing the banjo taken away from her by an adult in the group. She says she didn't believe in their god and set fire to a wall of Bibles with a candle. Her father had enough when he learned they were starting to advocate child-adult sex. Rose recounts a horrific story of literally having to run for her life in the middle of the night holding her father's hand.[1]


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