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Dr Jason Reza Jorjani is a united Statian who is of Persian and North European Descent.[1] Jason studied at New York University, where he got his BA and MA, and got his PhD at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.[2] He "teaches courses on Science, Technology, and Society and the history of Iran as a full-time faculty member at the New Jersey Institute of Technology."[1] He says he is "a member of the Iranian Renaissance Movement."[2] Jason is a Cofounder of altright.com.[1] He attended Richard Spencer's 2016 National Policy Institute conference in Washington DC, during which Hailgate took place,[3][4] and is a Cofounder and former Board Member of AltRight Corporation, which he left in August 2017.[5][6]

What he has said about what

Iran, Islam and the West

Jason views Iranians as Whites and is an Enemy of Islam. He believes nonwhite Islamic Invaders destroyed "a humanitarian and progressive civilisation produced by Caucasians" in Iran[3] and thinks the same could happen to the West today.[7] He has said:

You have to take a proactive Stance, and in that regard, in the regard of bringing the Fight to the Enemy, Iran is very important for the Future of Europe, because there is an Aryan Renaissance underway in Iran. The only place on Earth right now that you can refer to Aryan identity positively is in Iran. It's perfectly normal Discourse among the young Generation there now, who have seen through the Lies of Islamic Moderates and Apologists for Islam and who are going to bring forth a cultural Revolution in that Country that hopefully will be a Beacon to Europe and the white World at large.[7]

The Alt Right

  • "What does the Term 'Alt Right' mean to anyone? I mean, it's the most amorphous, chaotic political Term that there is."
    • After he resigned from Altright Corporation[8]

White Colonialism

Jason believes "that benevolent Indo-European or Aryan Colonialism is not only possible, we had it for Centuries and it bettered all Kinds of People who lived within that [Persian] Realm".[9]

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