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It is Time for the Left to adopt a completely new Approach. Some would say that everyone has Biases and might even believe it is Cowardice to simply present Facts without disclosing what one's Biases are, hence the name "". The Name is an Up-Front-Disclosure of what the underlying Worldview of this Wiki is. Perhaps this will lessen the Chances that will face this Type of Accusation:

Topics on this Wiki are not limited to the Politicsverse, even if it might seem like most of the Focus is on that. The Name "" simply describes a Worldview, it does not put a Limit on the Type of Topics that can be treated.

In the same Way, the Name "" does not limit to talking about the Alt Left or even the Left at all. Sometimes we find out more about who we are by finding out who we are not. This, naturally, does not mean that everything on is an Anti-Endorsement.

The Term "Alt Left" has yet to be really defined and this potentially presents an Opportunity for those who identify with the Left, but feel disenchanted with the Left's current State of Affairs. Such People have an Opportunity to create their own Movement, perhaps within the Framework of or borrowing Ideas from existing and past Movements.