North Korean exported forced labourers


North Korean migrant worker numbers in Asia map
In 2015, approximately 50,000 North Korean exported forced labourers were estimated to be working in countries outside of North Korea for purposes of being exploited for their labour. According to, the North Korean regime benefits from this by taking most of their wages and using it 'among other things, to finance its nuclear programme'. Poland and Malta are under the spotlight for being two countries that are suspected of participating in the practice of awarding work permits to North Koreans. The website believes there is some indication that state-owned MARS Shipyard & Offshore group is using North Korean labourers. According to the South Korean Database Centre for North Korean Human Rights, North Korean labourers working in Poland make on average 82 dollars for 62 hours of work they do per week. The North Korean regime makes an estimated 2.3 billion dollars a year through its exported forced labour programme.[1][2]


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